Professional messaging


Guild is in a different league...

Professor Robin Dunbar, University of Oxford

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Guild is built for professional groups who care about high standards of quality and reputation:

Professional profiles so you know what company you're keeping

Edit / delete your messages to avoid compromising your reputation

Guild Charter enforces professional standards across all groups

Admin controls giving you proper oversight, control and governance


The first app dedicated to creating meaningful networks...

Julia Hobsbawm OBE, Founder, Editorial Intelligence



Guild cares obsessively about proper privacy:

No ads, ever so nothing to spoil the experience

Privacy legislation compliance including GDPR in the EU

Invitation-only so quality and discretion are maintained

Nothing is public so your profile or group is not listed anywhere

Utterly professional, elegant, easy to use.

Peter Ashby, Director, Society of Leadership Fellows


Guild is an experience for professionals who demand the best:

Custom branding so your groups are branded to your organisation

Business-class support and service with dedicated account management

Respectful intros/exits allow members to join and leave groups as they would in real life

Sophisticated design provides environment suitable for leading professionals


Very impressed. Guild is perfect for key accounts.

Linus Gregoriadis, Director, London Research

How is Guild being used?

Guild is for any professional group, network or community who want to communicate, get to know each other better, share, learn, or support each other.
Common use cases include:
  • Boards, councils, committees
  • Management teams, working groups
  • Trade bodies, associations, professional membership and networking organisations
  • Concierge-style service and support for premium customers
  • Shareholders, investors, stakeholders
  • NEDs, mentors, coaches, advisors
  • Alumni groups
  • Academic and research groups
  • Expert networks, special interest groups
  • Event-related groups e.g. delegates, judges, speakers, advisory boards
  • Learning cohorts
  • User / customer groups & panels

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